Review of the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme

wordpress themeGoing through the work of creating your own custom WordPress theme, and one that is optimized and monetized, is time consuming. There’s a lot to learn besides how to set up your WordPress site, and many people are simply sick of learning new skills that they use once to set up their site. Perhaps that is part of the reason why the Socrates WordPress Theme is so popular. This is a product that offers serious bloggers the shortcut that they’ve been looking for.

Making Money

Let’s face it, no matter how passionate you are about a product or subject, the hope is that your site is going to make an income. But to optimize and monetized a WordPress site takes know-how and a lot of time. The Socrates WordPress Theme is designed to be ideal for sites where making money is the goal. You choose the theme and then you have a whole range of header designs and personalizations that make it unique for your site. For a lot of our readers, this is the ideal combination of ready-to-use monetized template with customization available for the look.

Help Through the Implementation

Fortunately, when you buy the Socrates Premium WordPress Theme you also get tutorials and access to the support forum, so that you’ll have back-up if things aren’t as easy as you thought they’d be. Implementation can be a bit tricky, which is the one downside of this product. But anyone with some experience with WordPress knows that no matter which WordPress theme you use, you’re going to need to tweak it.

The bottom line? The Socrates WordPress Theme is designed “by Marketers for Marketers”, which means it was put together for exactly the purposes that you need if you want to make money from your WordPress blog.  There is a link to the theme’s homepage at the bottom right of this page.

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