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Blogging with BlogSpotBlogging with BlogSpot may not yet be the most popular platform for free blogs, the Google blogging option known by its url ending is certainly in the top 5, if not the top 3. is managed at, which is probably the easiest to remember blogging site on the Internet. Blogger and Blogspot are two names for the same service, which gives Google double the advantage. But there’s more to this service than handy names and the benefit of being a Google product. In fact, many people find that Blogger is an extremely easy-to-use option with the majority of features already available with a few mouse clicks.

Benefits of

For people hoping to start up a blog, you can’t go wrong with Blogger. Blogspot blogs get a lot of traffic due to their location within the Google empire. Plus, many of the benefits of Blogger center around how easy it is to use.

Simple, straight forward interface

Of course it makes sense for bloggers to start with a simple system. Unless you’re experienced with HTML and CSS, having a quick set-up with thousands of layout options is going to get you blogging faster. The whole idea is to get yourself and your words out there, right? So if you’re not interested in learning how to build your own widgets, blogging with Blogspot is the place for you.

Widgets, widgets, widgets

From the email subscription features using FeedBurner to easy interface with PayPal donate buttons, Blogger has a widget for just about everything. Widgets are the little additions you can make to your site to add features, such as a list of your favorite blogs from around the web or a list of your favorite blog posts from your own site. You can also ad Google Ads everywhere around your blog in different formats and decide just how you want to include advertising – or not.

Not all free blog hosts are going to offer so many options without requiring a subscription of some kind. In addition to the Blogger widgets that are standard, there are also hundreds, maybe thousands of user created widgets for various purposes. Some of them are just silly while others, like an impressions counter, can be useful and interesting. Naturally, as you learn more about blogging, you may want to create your own widgets to add to your blog. Many people who are blogging with BlogSpot do just that.


Even though Blogger is used widely, it has Google level security built in. And Google is invested in the bombproof nature of their products. No, they don’t always provide perfection, but they do prefer to keep their name at the top. Their size and the incentives they have to keep your blog secure are in your favor when it comes to security.

Downside to Blogging with BlogSpot

Of course, it’s not all roses with Google and Blogger. The name is not necessarily the most professional blog url. If you prefer to buy your own unique domain name, you have that option, just as you have the option with WordPress. But if you’re not going to buy a domain name, your url is going to be associated with the reputation of the company you go with. Tumblr has a younger following with a cleaner, more modern look. WordPress seems to be more universally recognized as an option for just about any kind of blog. Blogspot may benefit from being a Google product, but it’s certainly not the place you go if you want to look original.

If you’re just starting out, Blogging with blogspot is a great place to move into action quickly. Your blog will be easy to set up and use, getting you online in no time.

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