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5 Secrets to Get More Blog Subscribers

blog subscribersIt is certainly wonderful to get an abundance of traffic to your blog, but what is even more thrilling is having blog subscribers. An individual who subscribes to your blog is an individual who has been impressed with what they’ve seen. These individuals are likely to read your posts and continue reading them, not to mention tell friends, family and everyone else they know about you. So, what can you do to get the most blog subscribers possible?

What is That You Say? Blog Subscribers!

Your words mean so much, especially when writing a blog. Make sure that you write great content that keeps the reader entertained and enjoying their read. Along with creating great content, you must also ensure that you are making regular posts with a variety of postings for readers to select from. Keep your articles personable yet professional, and always provide a way of engaging the reader by prompting readers to leave comments, questions, and reactions.

1. Make it Easy to Subscribe

Subscribing to your blog should be something that readers can quickly and easily do. No matter how interested in your blog a person may be, making it a hassle for them to subscribe will ensure that fewer people actually sign up. You can easily place a subscribe button on the home page of your blog. It should be bold and beautiful so it gets noticed by readers and so that readers can easily click and subscribe.  This will help get more blog subscribers.

2. Just Ask

All too often, getting blog subscribers is as easy as asking them to subscribe. Some bloggers offer an incentive for the subscription, others do not. It is something worth looking into, however. Try a simple message e.g.: “If you liked this post, get more of the fun when you subscribe. It is easy as this.” You can also place promotional links and offers on social networking sites and other forms of marketing and promotion that you utilize.

3. Give Them a Freebie

We touched on this above, but let’s really talk about it. How many times have you visited a website and been given an offer for a free eBook or a 50% discount coupon on a product if you subscribe to a newsletter, blog, or email list? There are so many of these types of offers because they really work. People love to get something for nothing, and offering this to them in exchange for a blog subscription is certainly beneficial. The freebie possibilities are endless, but do keep in mind it should always be relevant to your blog in one way or another.

4. Post in Forums

Posting in forums, with a link back to your blog, is a popular promotional method used by many people, and not only bloggers. This is an easy way to alert people that you exist. Make certain that you choose forums that are related to what you are offering in your blog, and be sure that you provide useful and informative content so people will view you as an expert on the matter.

5. Go, Go Social Networking

Even Inspector Gadget would have found use for the many social networking sites that have taken the World Wide Web by storm. You don’t have to be a top secret spy to enjoy the effectiveness of social networking sites, and if you want to promote your blog and get more people to subscribe, using these sites is certainly an easy way to do it. Post subscribe information on all of your sites, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and all in between to spread the word.

Blog for Profit – Can you make a side income with your blog?

blog for profitAs most bloggers know, the answer to the question above is a resounding: yes, probably. It is quite possible to blog for profit, and it’s not too much to expect that you can spend less money on your blog than the money you bring in. But it’s certainly not simple. In fact, many people assume they’ll be making a profit with their blog and are sorely disappointed by the level of incoming cash. Years from now you could be collecting a few hundred dollars a week for very little time and effort. Or you could see $20 come in every few months.

Using Ads to Bring in Cash

The first and easiest way to make cash with a blog is by setting up ads. If you use Blogger (Blogspot) be sure to add a few Google Ads widgets. These work if people click on them. Google is in charge of making sure that the ads on each page of your blog are make sense. In other words, they’ll be mining your posts for keywords and displaying ads that they think people reading your blog posts are interested in. So the pressure is on Google to get people to click on the ads. They get paid by the company advertising on your site, you get paid by Google. So you just put them up and hope Google knows what they’re doing (they do) and poof your blogging for profit! (wait, don’t get excited yet)

But this is not going to make you a big profit, especially not at first. Your readers may be on your blog to read about what you’ve written, but they’re not necessarily going shopping at your site. The flip size of Google Ads is driving traffic to your site by paying Google to advertise elsewhere. They’ll use the same strategy, meaning that they’ll try to advertise where it makes sense and where people will be likely to click on your ads. You’ll pay, but it will also increase the number of people coming to your site. You can also control the amount you spend on ads so that you’re never going over a set daily budget.

Becoming an Affiliate to Blog For Profit

To take ads to the next level, you’ll want to specifically use keywords that target particular products. The most obvious choice is to work with Amazon. To become an Amazon affiliate you’ll need to set up an account with them and add their ads to your blog. Any traffic that goes from your site to Amazon will result in a bit of income for you. For example, if you review a product like a camping stove, your ads can be for that very camping stove, for sale on Amazon. If your review results in someone deciding to buy the stove from Amazon, via your blog, you’ll get a commission from the sale.

Many companies have affiliate programs, from electronic cigarette makers to clothing companies. Reviewing products and getting traffic to visit your review is a very popular way that bloggers attempt to blog for profit, and it can pay off. But it will take a lot of work, research, and a good reputation.

Reputation Online

Probably the most valuable thing you can do is build up your reputation. Both your reputation with search engines and within a certain community will have an effect on how many people visit your site. If you specialize in technology reviews, you’ll be competing with other tech blogs, so you’d better offer something new and interesting.

You’ll need to find that niche that people want to read about and then continue to produce good content. The more traffic, the more opportunities to blog for profit.

Reusing Blog Traffic

reusing blog trafficA lot of people who run their own blog are always interested in finding some new source of traffic that they can use in order to boost their statistics and get more readers. However, many of them forget that they can actually reuse their old blog traffic over and over again if they just know how to capture it intelligently. The ability to reuse blog traffic is very important for people that want to generate revenue and make a living from their blog alone.

How exactly do you reuse your blog traffic multiple times? In this article we are going to show you how to utilize your blog traffic properly to get the right visitors to help improve your site.

Capturing Readers for Later

People in the blogging industry have known for a long time that capturing information from a visitor can be an exceptional way of gaining traction. Many of the readers love the material that you provide so it makes sense that they will love future posts as well. Make sure that you are able to get the right kind of support from the same readers by capturing them for later.

The way to do this in modern times is really to utilize the email address. The ability for people to relate to you via Facebook and Twitter is not great for bloggers. Getting an email address and speaking directly to the visitor is a lot more personal and it often yields a lot better results as well. Make sure that you capture the readers for later with the help of the email capture forms that you can generate on just about any email host.

Why Reusing Blog Traffic is Important

A lot of times your readers are going to be interested in goods or services, but they just don’t have the time or money to purchase at a given time. When you have some value to provide them regularly, they will trust you a lot better in the future.

Sometimes it is important to email them just to keep in touch, but consider how easy it is to drive traffic to your site when all you have to do is email it to everyone right away. There are a lot of advantages of using other types of methods to drive traffic, but emailing the same people who trusted you enough with their email before and want to give it to you again is one of the best ways that you can go.

Make sure that you utilize all of the traffic generating resources as best as possible. It is glamorous to find new sources that provide millions of new visitors, but sometimes it is nice to just email the people who already find your work interesting. You will get a much better response and at the end of the day, these people will be a lot more receptive to your work than a lot of other individuals who have never seen your content before.

SEO for Blog Traffic

blog trafficIf you are interested in putting together a lot of blog traffic for your blog, it is a good idea to look for some of the most well tested methods for increasing visitors. One of the best methods is to use SEO to drive relevant traffic to your blog. The SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a great method of increasing blog traffic without wasting too much time or costing you a lot of money. In this article, we will show you how to use SEO for increased blog traffic. You can utilize this tool in a “wrong” way and a “right” way, which is what we will help you to distinguish.

Longtail SEO Blog Traffic

The best method for you to use to increase your blog traffic is to utilize longtail keywords. These are basically keywords that are very specific and only target a certain type of visitor. The reason you might want to do this is because it can help to get a lot less traffic, but without spending a lot of time and effort. Each article can target a longtail keyword that is particular. If the content is helpful, that blog traffic will be highly relevant and can even be useful for converting to the email list or purchasing goods or services.

The longtail traffic is better than targeting broad niches because it can allow you to get a much better return on your investment. Sometimes the big keywords see too much competition from things like Amazon or other big sites that have a lot of pages and are very well done. With such a good infrastructure, it is very difficult to compete with them.

Instead, you should look for options like the longtail SEO keywords that will offer smaller numbers of visitors, but they will be more targeted and definitely can help to improve things overall.

How to Use Longtail SEO Traffic

The longtail SEO traffic that you get from doing this type of method can be used for a variety of different ways. You can always try to convert them while they come to your page, but sometimes it is good to get them on some type of email list in order to take advantage of the traffic more than once. For example, getting a visitor for a longtail keyword can be useful for similar articles later on.

The longtail keywords may not yield the high quantity of traffic that you are looking for in a new blog campaign, but it will definitely help and it is assuredly better than nothing. If you target a high quantity of longtail keywords, you will be able to get some benefits from the different traffic even if it is not a huge volume.

Utilizing SEO can be an effective tool for increasing blog traffic, but it has to be done the right way. Rather than trying to have every keyword take a user to the homepage, it is a lot better to have the user visit a specific page that is relevant for them and is optimized for the SEO.

5 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Blog Safe & Secure

WordPress Blog Safe Blogging is easy to do with WordPress but, is your WordPress blog safe? It is designed to be easy, simple and a great way to express your thoughts and feelings on any subject that you are passionate about. While the majority of blogging is meant to be about fun and information, you must also stop for a minute and take into consideration the safety of your blog.

Stop the Attack

Every single day we hear about websites being attacked by hackers. It is a scary thought, especially when there is so much on the line. The last thing that you want is for these things to happen to your blog, and ensuring that you have the upper hand in the matter is really easy to do. Part of being a responsible blog site owner is keeping yourself and those who visit your WordPress blog safe.  Rather than run the risk of having an insecure blog and causing harm to yourself and others, take a look at the 5 tips below. They are designed to help you keep your site safe and sound for yourself as well as all your visitors.  Staying Safe is your responsibility. t something that just happens. In fact, the responsibility to secure your site is on the blog owner entirely.

1. Create a Strong Password to keep your WordPress Blog Safe

Many sites, including WordPress, will not allow you to create just any password. You shouldn’t want to create just any password, either. Be sure to create a strong password that would be hard for someone to guess. Combinations such as 12345678 and ABCDE are usually not allowed, and oftentimes you cannot use any part of your name or login ID in the password. Take these requirements and recommendations seriously! Do not use the same passwords on all of your sites, and never think that a generic password will keep your WordPress blog safe. Put some thought into your choice. Also ensure that your password is a minimum of 10 characters and uses letters, numbers and symbols. A good password example would be something like this: azbyc!!20@. Who would ever guess such a combination? It may be hard to remember many passwords for all the different sites you login to online, but if a hacker gets one password and can use it for everything, you’ll be in big trouble.

2. Keep up with the Updates

You want to be informed and up to date with what is going on, don’t you? Updates make this possible. WordPress updates are made available for a variety of reasons, and it isn’t just for a better rank in Google search engines or to scan the news. Updates provide protection against bugs, to fix software issues, to prevent security holes, and to introduce new features.

3. Keep Your Administrative Access Protected

Who is logging into your account and making changes to your blog? Unless you are working in a company, this person should be you and only you. Make sure that you are keeping the information needed to log in to your WordPress blog site secure, don’t send it via email or save it somewhere that it might be found by a hacker, and never give the information to anyone.

4. Weed Out the Attackers

You should keep a watchful eye on failed log-in attempts, and, should they become suspicious, perform a lock out of the IP address. An individual or a company is capable of handling this task.

5. Stay on Top of the Matter

When you stay on top of things you can be certain the risks to your blog are greatly reduced. Do not wait until it is too late to do something about it. Make sure that you take all possible security measures to protect and keep your WordPress blog safe!