App Dev Secrets Helps Non-Programmers and Programmers Alike

app dev secretsA review of App Dev Secrets

Developing apps for the iPhone, Android, or Windows platform can be a great way to make an income. There are thousands of people – individuals – who have become app developers and now sell their apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play, continuing to make money long after they completed the hard work of designing and making the app.

But do you have to be a developer to get in on the app market? App Dev Secrets doesn’t think so. In fact, the whole idea behind this product comes from the experience of reading all the books, doing the research, learning to be an app developer, and then finding it didn’t add up to the desired earnings.

The best thing about App Dev Secrets is that it describes the open secrets of the app development world, and then gives you solutions to the problems most developers face.

For example, App Dev Secrets explores the fact that it’s simply not enough to develop a great app. You have to do a ton of marketing. Marketing rules an online world where there are more products available than you can count. So how can you market an app successfully? App Dev Secrets gives a list of things you must do as well as tips and tricks or getting your app marketing accomplished with the minimum amount of work possible.

The downside of App Dev Secrets is that it’s only for the iPhone. This means committing to Apple and their tools, which typically means a bit of investment up front, more investment than with Android. But the App Store is typically much more profitable than Google Play, at least for developers and app owners, so perhaps the trade-off is worth it.

It’s up to you to decide.  They have a 3-day full trial so you see for yourself.  Below is my affiliate link to it.

App Dev Secrets 3-Day Full Trial

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