5 Reasons to Use a WordPress Blog

wordpress blogPeople across the world are using WordPress Blogs to share their thoughts, opinions and other information with the world, take a look at WordPress to provide you with a helping hand.

A Popular Place to Blog

WordPress is certainly a name you’ve heard a time or two in the past if you’ve ever browsed the web. Currently it stands as one of the most popular blogging platforms out there, and it is available at absolutely no cost.  When you want to make your own blog it is certainly wise to turn your needs to WordPress, and here are five reasons why this is true.

1. WordPress Blog SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of your website’s growth. Without it you are nothing more than a website floating at sea and no one will ever know that your blog exists. The WordPress themes enable you to get the SEO that you need so that your business can grow into the successful venture you want. They help you optimize your blog with a meta-tag and description, title, keywords and more.

2. Customizable

You will find a variety of themes available. Some of those themes are free while others will come to you for a cost. These themes are all awesome and make it easy to customize your WordPress blog down to your specifications. No matter the type of blog you have planned or the type of look you are after, you can easily attain it with this blogging platform. These blogs are all so much fun, and if you want to change your blog you can easily do so at any time.

3. Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are another necessity for your blog. With them your entire life becomes so much easier and you can enhance the growth and success of your blog with these tools. Some of the plug-ins that are offered on this platform include WordPress SEO by Yoast, social networking plug-ins, All in One SEO pack, NexGen Gallery, Captcha and thousands of others, all available at no cost. You are free to pick and choose the plug-ins that you want and skip those that you do not.

4. Amazing Functionality

WordPress is awesome for so many reasons, and the great functionality that it offers to your blog is yet another one of the best of them. You can easily create an amazing blog and add photographs, videos, graphics, links and more. You can use the easy editor or edit with simple HTML. What you see is what you get with this blogging platform, and that really makes life easy.

5. No Prior Experience Needed

Using WordPress is something that is easy to do, even if you’ve never designed a blog or website in your life. In fact, even people who have never browsed the web can easily create a blog using WordPress. It is self-explanatory and so simple and at the same time offers you a lot of room for learning and growth. There is but one question and that is why are you not already using it? And, there’s also a ton of helpful forums, blogs, Q&A’s, and more, making it even easier to learn the answers to any questions that might come up.

As you can see there are at least 5 great reasons that you should use a WordPress Blog when it is time to create a blog, and these 5 are just the beginning. The more you learn about WordPress, the more you’ll like it and the more it will become a tool that is perfect for your blog.

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